At the potion brewery

Adding Pepper

Pieces of music, inspired on the webcomic of David Revoy. A game with the characters of the comic is being developed at the moment.


Thanks to two good friends who offered wonderful audio samples. Keep them coming!
The voice comes from an educational move of 1957, Mystery of Time.

The Lie

I had doubts about the title for this song because I started with a sample of bats we've recorded at home. I first thought "Bat" would be a good title, but in the end I decided the content of the text was more important. So it became "The Lie".

Se io m'accorgo ben mio d'un altro amante

This is an edit, rather and extended version of the old renaissance piece, orginally for lute, but also very much enjoyable on guitar.

Classical guitar

Diferencias sobre Guárdame las Vacas

This old piece of Luys de Narváez (1538) is told to be the oldest piece that uses the technique of variations on a theme. I've made my own variation on it :-).

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