Muzikanten gezocht!

  • Posted on: 27 May 2016
  • By: bart

I'm looking for musicians. Do you play violin, cello, double bass, clarinet, ... (add at wish). Give me a shout. But first read on and listen to the music I've put online on this website.

I work (a lot) with virutal instruments. Those are not synthesizers, it's a system that uses recordings of real instruments. For example a violinist has recorded a series of notes as different samples. Those samples are collected in a sampler, and when I push a button, I can hear a certain note (it's explained way too simple, but that's the basics of it).

But this has quite some disadvantages. It's hard to get it to sound really natural. I also have to miss the interpretation of the musician and sometimes those samples don't sound quite as I'd want them to sound.

That's why I am looking for people who would like to play something for me. Do you want to try it, even if it's only for the challenge, or to gain experience, let me know. Send me a mail through my contact-page. Can you record something? Go for it and let me know about it!