Pia Fraus

(1998 - 2006 ) A collective with as core Pieter Nolf, Bart Deruyter, Jean Vandenheede, Sven Poupaert, Koen Deleu and with participants Koen Staelens, Ole, Nele, Mehdi, Stijn Vanden Bussche, Stijn Deruyter, Bert... (notify me if I forgot someone) who made important contributions to live performances and to influence the music with ideas, sounds and actual music. The music exists of digitally assembled music and sounds from synthesizers (virtual and analog), samples, vocals, drums and unbelievable, but true: real-life instruments :-) .


You can hear the albums on Jamendo

Pia Fraus (remix)

At the start of 2015 there was an agreement to make a remix-tape with songs of Pia Fraus. Of course I could not resist the temptation. For this remix I used audio from video material . Apart from Pieter, you can hear Elke, Jan and Koen. Me and Sven were the silent types of the band, our voice you won't hear, but we were very much present on an instrumental level :-p.


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