Storyboard continued and then...

  • Posted on: 22 August 2013
  • By: bart

Finally, I got to the last of twelve storyboard drawings in color! It was important because it really did improve my speed of drawing and because a certain workflow started to surface.

More importantly, we now have a visual guide to start a second experiment. Getting this storyboard in film! By doing this we'll follow all the steps we'll have to follow in the full movie, but on a smaller scale. That way we'll find out how we can do all those things as efficiently as possible.

To get there, there's a list of tasks to finish:

  • Concept-art as reference (storyboard as guide)
  • Definitive designs for 4 characters
  • Designing additional characters
  • Animatics (simplified test-animations)
  • Designing locations, surrounding, props en execute them in 3D (we even started on that already)
  • 3D devolopment of the characters and rigging
  • Animation
  • Sound engineering
  • Recording of voices from actors
  • Lipsync
  • Music
  • Compositing and special effects
  • Rendering
  • Video editing

Because it's for a small part of the entire story, each task can be limited and maybe soon we can enjoy a taste of what it will look like! A lot of help can be used nevertheless. Those that want to get a taste of the making of a 3D animation movie can always contact me. You can enjoy drawing, painting, acting, making music, making 3D, animation etc... and you can see it all come together in one moving picture.